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What we offer?

The A Team offer dance & fitness classes for all ages and abilities. Fun Street Dance for all ages, competitive Street Dance, Contemporary (both competitively and for fun), pre school dance (Teeny Boppers), Musical Theatre, Acro, 1-1 private sessions (in dance or fitness), and a wide variety of fitness classes including HIITSTEP. We have something for everybody and there is still plenty more to come!

Abbie Lindsay - Principal:

Abbie is the founder and creative director of The A Team. She is also a trained dancer, choreographer & experienced competitive judge. Abbie has a wealth of experience in dance, dance teaching & choreography. She has danced since childhood and continued to study dance at GCSE, A Level, and then degree level at Kingston University in London, where she was awarded her Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance. Although Abbie is trained in various dance styles, she specialises in Street Dance and now manages The A Team’s competitive teams who compete and perform regularly across the UK.
“I feel so blessed to have such a perfect dance family around me. These kids are amazing. They work so hard and are 100% determined to progress. I am forever proud of each and every one of you. Not only have I met so many amazing people throughout my journey with The A Team so far (dancers, parents, choreographers, teachers, organisers etc.), but I have also made some true friends for life. Looking at all the photos on the websites gallery makes me so proud. I am so excited for The A Team’s future and I am forever grateful for your continued support. Thank you” - Abbie

Competitive Teams:

These teams are the real founders of The A Team. We never had a name, and Abbie never liked the idea of calling them ‘Abbie Lindsay Dance’, so she decided on the more subtle link to her forename, by naming each of her teams with a word beginning with ‘A’. They always called themselves ‘AAA’, so when we finally had to name ourselves for a performance altogether, we randomly decided on The A Team and it stuck. We now have 3 well established teams; Adrenaline, Alien & Atomic. We will soon be auditioning for more teams.
 Since they started in 2016 as complete beginners, they have grown so much. They’ve competed at countless competitions across the UK, performed at both big and small events, supported various charities, and attended a variety of workshops with some of the most amazing choreographers. They always continue onwards and upwards. Kids of the future!
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