Keep Dancing…

I’m definitely going crazier as each hour passes during quarantine. Aren’t we all?! I’m finding it difficult having nothing to do. Well, I do have things to do, just not things I would choose to do. I don’t want to teach online classes via Zoom, well I do… obviously I still want to teach, but not like that. You know what I mean? What I want, is to be in the studio… NOW. But that ain’t happening anytime soon, and I think the uncertainty of how long this is going to go on for freaks me out even more. I promise I’m not going to turn into the ‘Moany Blogger’ (can’t even believe I’ve just described myself as a blogger…. what am I doing?! Haaaa). I promise the purpose of this post is to TRY to encourage and uplift you all.

One of my dance teacher friends posted ‘reasons to continue your dance training online’ on her Instagram the other day, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I’m finding it really hard to advertise my online classes, as I almost feel guilty asking my customers to pay me at such a hard time. Especially for dance, I mean dance isn’t a priority during a pandemic… or is it? I’ve recently realised that I need to dance a lot more than I thought. When I’m in that studio, that’s my little get out (not that I don’t love being at home surrounded by family… I really do) but I need that head space that I get from dancing.

Anyway, back to my friends post… why should you continue your dance training online during quarantine? First point was that you’ve worked hard to get to where you are now, all those hours of training, surely you don’t want to let that go? True (in my opinion). The post mentioned becoming analytical and critical thinkers, which again I’d say was true. You watch your teachers online, you watch yourself back, and just from my schools perspective… I’ve been giving so much more 1-1 feedback. All of the above is going to help you think and understand how you could improve. Then there’s this whole idea of “the show must go on”… I mean we don’t have much choice, but also true. If you want to continue where you left off, you’re gonna have to keep going, right? And of course, we’re all missing our friends and family like crazy. Well, with online dance classes… you’re interacting with your friends. It’s a no brainier and another point made that I agree with. These classes are giving us a sense of normality in a very abnormal world, but the most important point that this post raised for me… we need to stay physically, mentally and emotionally healthy whilst in quarantine.

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I’ve just read that previous paragraph back and I just wanted to make it clear, I’m not writing this to try to encourage more students to attend my online classes for my benefit. Like I said previously, I’m actually finding it hard to push my classes at the minute, but I can only relate and write about my personal experience. A few weeks ago, I was so active, both physically and mentally… and now it’s like I’ve hit a brick wall (well, the worlds hit a brick wall I guess) and I’ve realised how important getting my dance fix is. I struggle to keep going without my daily dance or exercise. I’ve been planning daily activities to keep my mind or body active, whether it’s teaching, a fitness circuit, a walk, one of our live HIITSTEP classes, creating content for my dancers… literally anything that keeps me moving.

I really do believe it’s important for us all to stay active during this time. I’ve even done my research (ha… such a geek at heart, but I think I needed some reassurance that dance or physical activity actually helps). It has been proven that dance improves moods, reduces stress and anxiety, improves heart health and muscle strength, along with balance, coordination, and the big one… reduces depression. Just think of all the happy times you have whilst dancing, and I don’t just mean my dance students in the studio, but what about little kids at their school discos or parties? What about adults on a night out with their friends? A live concert? Weddings? You never have a sad time whilst dancing… I haven’t experienced that just yet anyway. It helps me release all that sad emotion if anything.

I’m still unsure as to why I’ve decided to put this in a blog post, and I’m sure by now you probably thinking I’m just waffling on. I probably don’t sound like me, but I don’t feel like me either at the minute. I’m going crazy… no joke! Ha!!! I guess I just wanted to lift some spirits and encourage others to keep up their hobbies. Dancing for just a short amount of time per day will take your worries away, even if it’s just enjoying the music you’re dancing too! Don’t give up on something you were so good at just because you’re locked indoors.

Kids… keep fit, keep your brains occupied, keep smiling, and keep doing that hobby that you love. Do not let all of that hard work and dedication go to waste, because just imagine how rubbish you’d feel in yourself when you returned to your hobby and couldn’t pick up where you left off? Remember why you love what you do. This is so very hard. It will pass though, I promise. Until then, stay safe and keep dancing!

Abbie. X

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