First The Worst

The first blog post has got to be the hardest. I’ve been wracking my brain for the past few weeks, wondering how to start this off. I mean, you can already read all about myself & The A Team on our ‘About Us’ page, and you can scroll through our ‘Gallery’ or any of our social media pages to find hundreds of photographs. 

But I guess incase you haven’t done any of the above, my name is Abbie Lindsay. I am 23 years old and I am the very proud owner of The A Team. You’re probably thinking like I did before I went it alone… ‘oh, she just teaches Dance’. Believe me, that’s the simple part, these dancers of mine keep me on my toes. Choreography, teaching, organising, book work, event planning, photography, costume designing (with the much appreciated help of our designer, Kris – I’ll link his website below), honest… the list is endless. I often moan that I need a PA, but I would never allow it as I’m too much of a control freak.
This isn’t me moaning though, I absolutely love my ‘job’ and all that comes with it. I’m not going to lie and tell you it’s plain sailing, because there are most definitely hard times. I have been let down, but it’s taught me to not rely on others. I have faced confrontation (and being the worlds softest person, this isn’t my finest hour), but I have learnt to grow a backbone. I have lost dancers that I really cared for, but I have gained lots of beautiful new faces. Basically, theres a pro to all the cons. I am fortunate enough to witness so many talented children grow, watch the best friendships flourish, catch those proud parent moments, support dancers as they don’t get the results they wanted, but then cheer (and usually jump up and down like a lunatic) when they get the result they’ve been desperately waiting for. Seriously, you should all become a dance teacher. It’s the best.

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My dancers are my pushers and my daily inspiration. They encourage me just like I encourage them, no matter what age. They are my extended family. In fact, I see more of them than I see my parents (sorry Mum & Dad). They are the reason I started my blog (and my YouTube channel – coming soon). I want you all to see how amazingly talented they are, how kind they are, how hilarious they are, oh… and slightly crazy, but I love it. I want to capture all these special moments in writing and on video, because I believe these kids are going to be big time! They make me incredibly proud. Watch this space!
I don’t really have a specific ‘thing’ to be blogging about, but I’m just going to be sharing whatever is on my mind, whatever inspires me/us, and whatever The A Team are doing at the time. Fingers crossed you enjoy our journey! Please feel free to leave a comment, share your thoughts, and let us know what you’d like to see on our blogs and vlogs in the future. Positive vibes only please!
Until next time,
Abbie. X
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21 thoughts on “First The Worst”

  1. Yeayyyyyyyy! Happy first blog day Abbie!!! You beautiful lady! I am so glad Layla has such an amazing role model in you! We are so happy to be part of the A Team family. You are doing an amazing job, we love you to bits. Love from Sarah and Layla M xxxx???

  2. Fab first post Abbie! So proud to be part of the A Team _ onwards and upwards and lots of new adventures ?

  3. Love reading this Abbie xox
    How about each blog talk about a dancer that has done well etc and then talk about the dancers journey x

    1. Thank you lovely! Thats a fab idea too. I could definitely include something like this – maybe a dancer of the month blog? Hmm… I’ll have a think. Thank you! X

  4. Loving the blog abbie, poppy has danced with abbie since she was 4 and she is now 6 and I have loved watching her progression over the years she makes me burst with pride watching her dance and all the different styles of dance she is now putting into her dancing she is just getting better and better and that’s all down to Abbie’s dedication and passion for what she does ? would love to see videos on YouTube of what they get Upto In class every parent loves to see there child dance ? can’t wait for all the exciting things that are coming up xmas December comp, xmas party break dance workshop with Lauren xx

    1. Aww how lovely! Thank you so much Becky! Poppy always makes me burst with pride & now I’m over the moon I have Maisie & Nellie Noo with us too!

      We definitely love a video & we’ve actually created our own YouTube channel, so hopefully this will be live around Christmas time with our very first video! Exciting times!

      Thanks for your continued support. Love you lots! X

  5. Heidi joined the A team exactly 2 years today and we’ve never looked back the change is unreal in the way she dances and Connie has joined competitions last year , the confidence they’ve gained through Abbie is amazing they love to dance and improving all time can’t wait for the furture they’ve even both inherited Abbie’s attitude face and you can’t even take a normal picture without it ❤️❤️?️?️

    1. Aww this is ace! Thank you lovely. They have definitely gained so much confidence haven’t they?! Especially Heidi… I remember when she wouldn’t talk to me! P.s. love the attitude face!!! Thanks Soph! X

  6. Love this ❤️ Extremely proud of how your progressing Abbie! I am so happy That I let ruby try our the street dance world as you know she was mad for freestyle!

    Over the last two years she’s gained so much confidence in street, she loves it, your so amazing what you do, it isn’t just a job to you it’s more than that you actually care a lot for these kids and you want them all to do well al aye go that extra mile.

    I am so excited for the Ateams future as so is ruby she is loving your new classes ? keep going and smash it we love you

    Nikita and ruby xx

    1. This is lovely. Thank you Nikita! I’m absolutely over the moon that Ruby is with us and continuing to succeed! She’s a serious star (or should I say diva ha) in the making! Such a kind comment Hun, I really appreciate it. Can’t wait to see what the future holds. Thank you! Lots of love. X

  7. Ahh reading that was like reading ‘this is your life’ been there, done that, bought the t-shirt factory! ??? Well done on coming this far Abbie and all the very best for the future, it will be hard, I promise you, you will want to quit at times but it will be worth it ❤️?? Never let anyone dull your Sparkle ? T xxx

    1. Aww Tina! Thank you so much. My very first dance teacher, so it’s lovely to see you supporting! I’ve definitely figured it’s hard (definitely harder than expected anyway ha), but 100% worthwhile! Thank you for the lovely comment & I hope you and the family are well! X

  8. Love this Abbie you are amazingly kind to all of us and so many new people are joining the A team love you lots ❤️❤️

    Love Ruby pilk xx

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